The Meaning of Life is Life Itself

If you discovered this site, you are probably looking for unconventional solutions to restore the damage caused by the modern world. You might even be part of the pro-white movement that gathers awakened White People who are race-conscious and willing to support each other to fight our people’s extinction.

Those of us who let themselves get bullied into accepting the mRNA “vaccine” might have understood by now that their genetics has most probably been corrupted, that their natural DNA is irrecoverable, and that the health and wellbeing of their future children is at stake.

Those who have tried for years without success to conceive and carry a healthy child might eventually look for alternatives to realize their dream of a happy white family.

This platform simply aims to bring together Whites who offer a solution and Whites who are ready to receive it. We require our members to act with full self-responsibility and to engage in one-on-one contracts with the other party. Sperm banks and IVF clinics also make contracts that are independent of the one-on-one contracts of our members. We offer contract drafts for every mission. These drafts are not legal advice and can be changed or completely replaced by a self-made contract.

Reproductive medicine has created an international mafia selling eggs and sperm at lunatic prices, often from beautiful white donors and often to non-white clients. We wish to keep our people’s genetics within our people, as this is the only way to preserve our race. Each donor is free to price his service, but we have added a guideline for responsible, pro-white pricing.

In the end, we are the ones we have been waiting for. There is nobody to rescue our people for us. We are alone, and that’s fine because the White People are resourceful and innovative people. We will find a way to heal and create a safe, prosperous, and happy future for our children.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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