Become an Egg Donor

If you are a healthy and beautiful White Women between 18 and 32 years, at least 5,3 of height, and are Covid UNvaccinated, you are eligible to become an egg donor on WhiteChild.

By joining this site, you agree to sell your services to white people only, for a decent price ($300-1000 per egg) that takes into account your responsibility towards our people’s survival and wellbeing.

A video call would help both sides get to know each other and build trust before establishing a contract. Anonymity of both sides can only be maintained by making a contract with a lawyer or with a trusted clinic acting as an intermediary.

If desired, a donor evaluation including screening of semen, blood and urine can be done at the clinic in your area. All related costs would be covered by the recipient. The results would be emailed to the recipient’s designated consultant at the recipient’s clinic.

In case of geographical distance, a renowned specialist service in cryogenically frozen transfer of sperm, eggs, or embryos needs to be found to freeze and ship the produce to your client’s clinic.

Contracts are important. Keep in mind that without(!) a contractual agreement between donor and recipient saying otherwise, a sperm donor will be the legal father of a child conceived via home insemination. If a woman conceives through a clinic, the donor will have no parental rights or responsibilities. However in many countries, the child will be able to access information about their sperm donor father when they reach 18 years of age.

We recommend donor payment after egg retrieval and freezing the eggs at an egg bank and before transferring the frozen eggs, or after retrieving and freezing the eggs directly at the recipient’s clinic, to avoid transfer costs.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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