Safe Dating Tips for Women and Men

How Women Can Keep The Dating Game Safe

When it comes down to going out on a date you get beautifully dressed up, do a nice hairstyle, and plan for every possible thing that can come up in a talk. But have you ever thought about safety measures? Being attentive and equipped is the name of the game; also being aware about your gestures and the way you’re handling your date is important.

So follow these dating safety tips especially during the first three dates and until you feel 100% sure about him:

• Keep Your Personal Info Personal
When you have decided to date online, you need to ensure that your personal information remains personal. While creating a profile, or during communication, never reveal anything important or private that allows you to be found easily by the other person. This includes your home address, your workplace, email-id, phone number, or any other personal data. Until you feel absolutely sure about your online date, don’t disclose any of this information.

• Tell Friends and Family
Keep at least one person of your social surroundings in the loop about the place and time of your date. Check back in after the date by sending a quick text message or email.

• Choose a Public Place
Never, ever accept to be picked up and enter a car that could be locked and drive you to lonely places where you have no chance to cry for help. The first three dates should always take place in public. You need to first get a good feel of your new date before you show him confidence.

• Avoid Dates at Night
Darkness facilitates criminal actions as they are more easily hidden, especially in non-illuminated areas in a city, suburb or country side. The safest is to accept your first dates at least three hours before sunset.

And Your Guardian Angel Shall Be With You.

• Avoid Provocative Dressing
If you want to impress your date by keeping your safety in mind, highlight the upper parts of your body without revealing much skin. The basic rule is to show either shoulders, cleavage or knees; less is more. Also underline your femininity with soft, pastel colors avoiding dark or aggressive ones.

• Be Aware of Your Poise
Walking lightly, sitting straight, holding up your head and just generally moving in a dignified manner shows your date self-confidence setting a standard for behaving towards you. Slouching in the street and over the table makes you look like a tramp which doesn’t invite a respectful attitude.

• Don’t Drink Alcohol
Drinking alcohol instead of coffee, tea, water or juice will not only make you lose your wits but might cloud your good judgement as well. Also giggling tipsy at the weakest joke does not make you more attractive to a man, it rather encourages the idea to take advantage of you.

• Avoid Cheap Or Flirty Language
Obviously, you need to avoid any use of dirty language, yet most of the communication between two people is non-verbal. It is important to keep your body language clear to secure your dating path. It’s your job to be as explicit and consistent as possible avoiding misinterpretation as wrong signals could result in a harmful outcome.

• Don’t Throw Yourself On Him
Don’t lean too much forward when your date talks to you. Avoid any physical contact like touching his shoulder when he makes you laugh, or brushing arms against each other when you’re walking. Stay friendly, calm and compact to show that you are interested but not desperate. Also keep your first three dates rather short (1,5 – 2 hours max). Any worthwhile relationship evolves slowly, but most importantly taking your time allows you to assess your dating partners’ character which is also revealed by his communication after and in between the dates.

• Take Self-Defense Classes
As our societies are getting increasingly unsafe, women (as well as men) need to get prepared for the worst case scenario by learning self-defense techniques preferably taught by a personal trainer or within a small group. Your pepperspray should live right next to your lipstick. Getting prepared for risky situations might one day show to be a very useful investment.

• Apps On a Date
The online market has developed safety apps to protect you during a date. If you feel any kind of danger, you just need to push an alert button on your phone that will instantly inform designated friends or family members and send them your location.

Safety should always be kept in mind for women when dating men as men generally are and always will be physically stronger than women. If a man really wanted to harm you he easily could. Fortunately, the great majority of white men use their physical strengh to protect their women, and this is what we love about them. This disclaimer page was written for the one black sheep in the herd you need to filter out, but some of the above-mentioned tips are also useful in your daily life as they generally help you stay away from precarious situations.

How Men Can Keep The Dating Game Safe

• Chose a Public Place
Men are the leaders of the game, and traditional women expect them to initiate contact. Nevertheless, men should organize the first dates in public places to avoid situations where they could be attacked or robbed by a group of other men. Once they feel safe and comfortable with the woman they can suggest more secluded, initimate settings.

• Do not purchase gifts
Whenever a new contact on a dating site asks you to buy ‘birthday gifts’ or ‘help her out’ in a financial situation, take it as a scam and contact us immediately. We will delete and ban the user and her email address.

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Below a review including more safety tips written by John Young of EuropeanAmericansUnited.

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